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"this" Keyword in Arrow Functions

The "this" keyword in javascript is probably one of the most misunderstood concepts of javascript. In this article, you will see how the "this" reference is different in arrow functions introduced in ES6 as compared to regular function expressions. [...]

5 Newsletters Every Developer Should Read

Newsletters can be hard to follow along, especially when you subscribe to too many of them. That's why, today you will get to know about five newsletters every developer should follow and read. [...]

I tried "" in Chrome

At the time of this writing, Google Chrome has started shipping experimental AI features such as "built-in AI" in Chrome's Dev/Canary channels. In this tutorial, you will get to know how you can try the built-in AI model in chrome dev. [...]

Create a Node Server using Hono under 10 Lines of Code

Hono, as per the docs, was originally built for Cloudflare Workers. It's an application framework designed to work the best for cloudflare pages and workers as well as javascript runtimes Deno and Bun. Although not built specifically for Node, an adapter can be used to run it in Node. [...]

Integrate Pagefind's Search with Astro: A Complete Setup Guide

Pagefind's take on search is quite simple - index your site at build time and host it alongside your static site. The search index sits right alongside the files of your site and it doesn't load all the data upfront. [...]

Running PostgreSQL using Docker

In this quick tutorial, you will get to know how you can run postgresql inside a docker container terminal using "psql" (a terminal interface to interact with postgresql databases). [...]

Creating My First Web Component: The <back-to-top> Button

That ignited a spark of curiosity within me and I started reading and researching more about web components. Eventually, after realizing you can build and define custom HTML elements, I decided to build at least one of my own. [...]

React 19 - A Brief Look At Form Handling

Forms in React have always been not so easy to handle which often leads to messy React code. Ultimately, folks have to resort to form handling libraries which only add more abstraction in the process. [...]

Static Sites Are Good

For the most part, static-first sites are the go to thing if your application doesn't involve much complexity. However, you are free to choose the right tool for your application — but choose wisely. [...]

Quokka in VS Code — JavaScript Debugging Made Simpler

Quokka.js is an awesome tool for prototyping your javascript code with the power of an instant inline output. It lets you code and see the output as you type and is really beneficial if you want to quickly test something out. [...]