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Running PostgreSQL using Docker

In this quick tutorial, you will get to know how you can run postgresql inside a docker container terminal using "psql" (a terminal interface to interact with postgresql databases). [...]

Creating My First Web Component: The <back-to-top> Button

That ignited a spark of curiosity within me and I started reading and researching more about web components. Eventually, after realizing you can build and define custom HTML elements, I decided to build at least one of my own. [...]

React 19 - A Brief Look At Form Handling

Forms in React have always been not so easy to handle which often leads to messy React code. Ultimately, folks have to resort to form handling libraries which only add more abstraction in the process. [...]

Static Sites Are Good

For the most part, static-first sites are the go to thing if your application doesn't involve much complexity. However, you are free to choose the right tool for your application — but choose wisely. [...]

Quokka in VS Code — JavaScript Debugging Made Simpler

Quokka.js is an awesome tool for prototyping your javascript code with the power of an instant inline output. It lets you code and see the output as you type and is really beneficial if you want to quickly test something out. [...]

Issue With Watching File Changes in Docker

The fix to watching file changes in docker is to use polling. Polling is a way to periodically check for changes. If you want to avoid polling, docker provides a way to watch file changes with the help of "docker compose watch". [...]

Chrome 121 Broke My CSS By Adopting New Scrollbar Properties

Recently, in version 121, Chrome started supporting CSS Scrollbar properties `scrollbar-color` and `scrollbar-width` and it broke my CSS. Here's what happened and how I fixed it. [...]

rssed — Become A Developer Beyond Bookmarks

Initially, I was bookmarking blogs which I admire and used to visit them once in a while. But that wasn't practical enough. I was missing on beneficial updates and news of what was happening in the software world. So, I decided [...]

Advent Of Code 2023 - Day Four Solution

It felt easier than the previous one to be honest, especially the first part. The puzzle is quite simple. For a given number of scratchcards, there are two lists of numbers [...]

Web Components & Custom Elements

Custom elements in HTML are a way to extend native HTML elements. Javascript frameworks simulate the behavior of components in a web page whereas [...]