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Writing Guidelines #

  • Use Simple Language

  • Avoid Gatekeeping - What’s gatekeeping?

  • Keep the introduction short and concise but don’t exclude the introduction. Limit it to three paragraphs if possible.

  • When linking to other sources, make sure they are trusted and legitimate.

  • Strictly avoid plagiarism.

  • Ask engaging questions to the reader.

  • Include a conclusion at the end to sum up the key points.

  • If you know the markdown syntax, write the article in markdown syntax.

  • Always prepare a structured outline before writing the draft.

  • Avoid screenshots of code. Include code as text only and if possible, in markdown syntax.

  • There is no need of a cover image or a thumbnail because it’s auto generated for every post.

  • Include alt text for images and give appropriate caption.

Draft Submission #

  • You can submit the draft using Google Docs, Dropbox or any other service you like. If possible, submit it in the markdown syntax.

  • Mail the draft document or link by replying to the email which will be sent to you after your idea is accepted.

  • If you are writing for Syntackle for the first time, make sure to include your name, bio and profile image in the email which will be displayed on the author page of Syntackle.

  • If everything goes well, your post will be published.

After the post gets published #

  • If you want to cross post the article elsewhere, make sure to include the canonical link to the original article published on Syntackle.

  • Don’t cross post to more than three places because it can limit the reach of the original article.

Currently, we are not compensating guest writers. Your contribution is solely voluntary and highly appreciated. 👏

We whole-heartedly ❤️ thank you for contributing to the developer community!