React 19 - A Brief Look At Form Handling

Forms in React have always been not so easy to handle which often leads to messy React code. Ultimately, folks have to resort to form handling libraries which only add more abstraction in the process. [...]

Setting Background Color of Body Dynamically in React

You can specify the background color of body in a global stylesheet, but it's not easy to update the background color dynamically for different pages in your website. So, I went on to code a hacky but working patch using CSS custom properties. [...]

Deploying React App to Netlify

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how you can deploy a react app on netlify from an existing git repository of yours. [...]

Create and Deploy an Express.js App to Vercel

Vercel is a platform to host frontend applications and static sites but you can also host an express app using serverless functions. Recently, it also announced Vercel Postgres [...]