Minify JavaScript Using Terser

Murtuzaali Surti
Murtuzaali Surti

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Terser is a javascript compressor and mangler supporting ES6+ specification. In this tutorial, you will get to know how to use terser to minify or compress javascript.

Prerequisite: nodejs should be installed on your system.

1. Installing terser

Install terser using yarn or npm.

npm i terser -g

2. Creating a script

Add the script to package.json file of your project.

"scripts": {
    "minify": "terser src/js/app.js -c -m --output src/minified/app.min.js"

Replace src/js/app.js and src/minified/app.min.js with your input and output file path respectively.

Here, -c flag stands for --compress and -m stands for --mangle. For more options, visit the official documentation of terser.

3. Executing the script

Run the script using this command:

npm run minify

Your javascript file should now be compressed!


Apart from terser, you can also use uglify-js to compress or minify javascript.

You can also try terser on the web.

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