"this" Keyword in Arrow Functions

The "this" keyword in javascript is probably one of the most misunderstood concepts of javascript. In this article, you will see how the "this" reference is different in arrow functions introduced in ES6 as compared to regular function expressions. [...]

Create a Node Server using Hono under 10 Lines of Code

Hono, as per the docs, was originally built for Cloudflare Workers. It's an application framework designed to work the best for cloudflare pages and workers as well as javascript runtimes Deno and Bun. Although not built specifically for Node, an adapter can be used to run it in Node. [...]

Creating My First Web Component: The <back-to-top> Button

That ignited a spark of curiosity within me and I started reading and researching more about web components. Eventually, after realizing you can build and define custom HTML elements, I decided to build at least one of my own. [...]

Quokka in VS Code — JavaScript Debugging Made Simpler

Quokka.js is an awesome tool for prototyping your javascript code with the power of an instant inline output. It lets you code and see the output as you type and is really beneficial if you want to quickly test something out. [...]

rssed — An RSS Feed Reader And Blogroll - Built Using Astro

RSS a.k.a Really Simple Syndication is a great technology to subscribe to website content. Initially, I was into the habit of bookmarking blogs which I admire and used to visit them once in a while. But, that wasn't. [...]

Web Components & Custom Elements

Custom elements in HTML are a way to extend native HTML elements. Javascript frameworks simulate the behavior of components in a web page whereas [...]

What is DOM diffing?

DOM, also known as the Document Object Model, is a programmatic representation of the contents of a web page. In other words, the content of a web page is represented in the form of objects and nodes. [...]

Minify JavaScript Using Terser

Terser is a javascript compressor and mangler supporting ES6+ specification. In this tutorial, you will get to know how to use terser to minify or compress javascript. [...]

Optional Chaining in JavaScript

Optional Chaining in JavaScript is used to return undefined for accessing an object property that doesn't exist and whose parent property is nullish (null or undefined). [...]

IIFE in JavaScript

You might be familiar with functions in JavaScript. An IIFE is a special type of function which is invoked implicitly. [...]

How to make a QR Code generator using JavaScript?

While you can generate QR codes for URLs in browsers such as Chrome, it's always interesting to learn how you can make your own version of a simple QR code generator. So, here we go. [...]

Skeleton Loading for Social Media Embeds using CSS and JavaScript 🔥

Social media embeds take some time to load and render, hence the user experience is not so good! Here's an example of twitter embeds.. [...]

How to create an HTML generator with JavaScript?

Ever tired of writing multiple lines of similar HTML? If you are, then you can automate the process by using template literals in JavaScript. Let's see how we can do that. [...]